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Who we are. 

Reliable Internet Solutions is an Internet service provider based in Linton, Indiana that was started in 2018 to provide Internet service to rural and underserved areas across America. We are currently partnered with two major LTE service providers allowing us to cover 99% of the homes and businesses located nationwide with unlimited broadband service with speeds up to 75+ Mbps. Our team is made up of some of the former owners and employees of Node 1 Technology (a pioneer in the fixed wireless broadband industry) and several new employees in addition. Jake Thatcher who started Node 1 in 2004 is the managing partner for Reliable Internet Solutions. David Willoughby is our network administrator and has over 14 years of  experience working with ISPs. Aaron Backfish is our VP of Sales and Business Development and ensures our customers receive top notch customer service before and after the sale. Forest Marsh provides customers with great technical support when needed. Barbara Gennicks handles customer service and billing.  Rachel Backfish, sales specialist, helps customers with obtaining new service.   Amanda Thatcher is our social media director in addition to handling our shipping and receiving.